1 to 5 Oct 2011-XIV International Workshop- Évora Cathedral Music School-APPLICATION FORM AVAILABLE!
1 to 5 Oct 2011-XIV International Workshop- Évora Cathedral Music School
- To spread the heritage of Évora Cathedral Music School (sixteenth and seventeenth centuries), Friar Manuel Cardoso, Duarte Lobo, Diogo Dias Melgaz, Estevão de Brito, Estevão Lopes Morago, etc,);
- To make people aware of different approaches to this repertoire;
- To increase vocal technique and interpretation;
- To create an environment knowledge, cultures and life experience interchange;
- To create an open environment to the participation of all the community.

Addressees: Choir Directors, Choir Members, Singing Professionals and Amateurs, Singing Students, Teachers of Musical Education, Others

Professionals taking part: José Abreu, Peter Phillips, Owen Rees, Paulo Lourenço and Pedro Teixeira


1 OCT 
9,00 h – Opening of the Board
9,30 h – Opening Session
10,00 h –Coffee Break
10,15 h – Lecture by Doctor José Abreu – “Portuguese Musical Legacy – a Cartography  of the Books  of  Poliphony from the 16th and 17th centuries”
11,15 h – Workshop - (all the participants together)
12,30 h – Lunch
14,00 h – Audition of the participants that intend to take part on the “Advanced Workshop on choral techniques and interpretative issues”
14,45h –17,45h - Workshop (all the participants)
18,00h – 20h00 – “Advanced Workshop on choral technique and interpretative issues” 

2 OCT 
9,30 h – Workshops - (The participants divided in several groups will rehearse parts from the Works by Estêvão de Brito and Manuel Mendes, under  the Direction of several Conductors)
12,30 h – Lunch
14,00 – 16,00 h – Workshops
16,00h – Coffee Break
15,30h – 16h30 – Talking with the Conductors
16,30h – 18,30h – Workshop “Advanced Workshop on choral technique and interpretative issues”
20,00h – Dinner (facultative) 

9,00h – Workshops
11,15h – Coffee Break
11,30h – Conference by Doctor Owen Rees: ”Manuel Mendes and the music pro defunctis in Portugal and Spain 
12,30h - Lunch
14,00h – 16,00h – Workshops
16h00 – Coffee Break
16,30h – 17,30h – Talking with the Conductors
17h45 – 20,00h – Workshop “Advanced Workshop on choral technique and interpretative issues” 

4 Oct 
9,00h – Workshops
12,30h – Lunch
14,30h - Guided visit, by Dr. Jorge Raposo, to the Sacred Art Museum (former  Colégio dos Moços da Sé de Évora (School for the Boys that sang at the Cathedral)) and Arquives of the Cathedral
16,15h - 18,15 h- Workshops
18,15h – Coffee Break
18,30 – 19,30h - Workshop “Advanced Workshop on choral technique and interpretative issues”
21,00h – Concert at the Cathedral - “Stile Antico”  

5 OCT 
9,30h – 12,30h – Workshops
12,30h – Lunch
14,30h- 16,00h – Rehearsal (Cathedral)
17,00h – Final Concert at the Cathedral (appropriate wear) - (participation of  Eborae Mvsica Poliphonic Choir , directed by Pedro Teixeira)Final Closure of the Workshop  

Surname__________________________ First name___________________ Address___________________________ E-mail______________________
Singing Experience______________________________________________
Voice Group____________________________________________________
Musical notation reading - Yes or No___ Musical formation - Yes or No_____ Application Fee: Active Participant 90€; Workshop "Interpretation Reinforcement + 20€ (participation depends on the Audition that will take place on the first day). Listener 50€; Lunch included; After 31 July until 15th September a fee of 15€ is added. Payment by cheque number_____________________on____________ to Eborae Musica in the amount of______________________________, enclosed or transfer to the account number 029700036507230 Caixa Geral de Depósitos, (NIB 003502970003650723076) - IBAN: PT 50003502970003650723076 - BIC/SWIFT: CGDIPTPL